if you want to kill me, I’ll be IN THE FUTURE

Berlin on March 24 and 25 is the first event in the futuristic historicism that we propose: A kick-off event into a future that is long past. There will be a one-day-conference with an all-female speakers cast including scientists, archeologists, medical experts, artists and mystics and a host of other women with insights in the field of psychoanalysis, art and freedom – all allowed only those magic 15 minutes to speak. No discussions! On the second day there will be walk in the situationist tradition, led by the drop-out of tomorrows world, the men. The nomades will lead our way to the Berlin Olympic Stadium – built in 1936, the site of the 2084 games.

2081, What happened? The Berlin Congress


Serve o presente para dizer que estarei em double bill (eu tenho direito a 30 minutos de fama!) com a Filipa César, o Cristopher Roth, a Avery Gordon, a Vera Lendorff (also known as Veruschka do “Blow Up”), entre mais não sei quantas outras, no próximo fim de semana, 24 e 25 de Março de 2081, em Berlim.

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