the green hair chronicles pt.1

So, when I started to think about A TEMPESTADE (a lot later than Pedro, Zé and André), I immediately thought of having green hair.
My Miranda has green hair.
A green haired Mirada made total sense in A TEMPESTADE we were about to work in.
I was absolutely unaware of what it meant out of my conceptual ideas.
And I mean it.

Talking with a great friend, she recommended THE place to do it – just like making a tattoo or a piercing, it is very important to choose carefully the place where you’re going to destroy your hair for – and I called.
Don’t take me wrong: doing this does not provide health to your hair.
It’s the other way ‘round.
So, I called and said I wanted to dye my hair green, and they said yes.
I had to wait for two days.
And I just wanted to do it right away. Like, RIGHT AWAY.
Two days passed and I pictured myself intensely on photobooth and photoshopped my face with green hair.
I had never thought about my former brown hair until those two days were lived: i loved it. I’ve always been told about my great brown hair, how beautiful the brown was, how cool it looked, always messy and slightly curly and thin but shiny. And I loved it.
I thought the worse stuff about my hair and was a bit scared.
Well, I was terrified.

The whole process was amazing, specially because the girls are amazing and they were amazed at my idea.

But first thing first, and there are some things I MUST say, like, I had never dyed my hair or, I never thought it would take so much work, time and effort…
At Griffe I was the crazy on duty for those days.
Because it took two days!…

First, the decoloration process, and the moment I was sitting on a chair and this amazing woman – Ana – comes onto me and, through the mirror and touching my hair, tells me how harsh what she’s about to do is. And how tough it is for both the hair and scalp to totally remove its colour, for there’s no chance of achieving a good tone of green without having your hair decolored almost down to white. The whiter the better.
So she started, while explaining chemically the whole process I was undergoing.
First step, i got Daniel-Johnston-Blonde.
And laughed.
Actually, I laughed the whole process through.
And I still laugh out loud whenever I visit them for the green baths (weekly!)!
Back to where we were.
Second decoloration and I got pearl blonde. Marylin-Monroe-Blonde.
And I was sent home, because Ana and Lena told me the hair was going nowhere further than that, it had to rest.
I got home and was blonde.
That was one of the most absurd moments of my life: never felt so hot and desired as I did on those twelve hours of blondness. Men approaching, telling me how stunning I looked, or just flirting with sharp looks, offering to light up my cigarrettes, to say nice stuff, to make themselves noted, actually. I guess I realized why women want to be blonde. And I needed to get rid of the blonde quickly. First thing I did the following morning was to run up the hill and a little down to see if I was getting the green done or no. Green doesn’t cause sensation on the latin male (at least I thought so…) Ana and Lena were a bit reluctant. They were affraid the hair might break or fall or get elastic/chewy. Because it normally happens when your hair gets several treatments done in a short period of time. They got my hair into a pearl white tone in about half an hour. After it opened to white, Ana made the colour mix for the green, and I was thrilled to the bone: it was going to become REAL.
PRAGA (the theatre company) was in Israel, playing a show by Pedro called Israel.
I was iMessaging them every two seconds describing every step of the way.
Telling them I was going to get the green done that same day, that I was no longer going to be blonde.
I was also telling it to my dear friend Abel in Barcelona.
And to my Mom, who was so sad with how I looked in a blonde version…

I guess no one really believed I was going to do it, except for André and Pedro.
Neither did I.
I didn’t know.
And I was totally unaware of the impact a green haired girl had socially.
Absolutely unaware.

Both Ana and Lena (sisters) were astonished at the colour.
It looked really nice, my hair wasn’t dry or rough, and the colour was amazing.
They told me it was amazing how my hair wasn’t broken or cracked at any level, how strong it was, even though it looked thin and weak at first sight.
Just like a ninja. Like bamboo.
The first colour was an undefined and very uneven deep sea green, the result of a mix of Stargazer colours, exactly the same all punks use on their spiky hair after decoloring it roughly with hydrogen peroxide.
It wasn’t and will never be even because every hair absorbs the colour its own way, giving the whole a very interesting, variegated appearance.

After infinite hours of work for this result, we stared at my hair for a loooooong time.
I got it finally done on Saturday, January 26th 2013.
Late afternoon.

I finally sent a picture to André’s phone.
He answered right away.


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  1. Eu gosto de ler este blog quando estou super frustrada e me sinto uma pessoa negativa porque é só isso que encontro quando leio o que a Joana escreve. Acho que aqui é o lugar que encontro sempre um discurso negativo e resmungão.
    Eu também acho que existem pessoas que não sabem o que vestem, que optam por ter variedade e não qualidade, mas essas pessoas não gastam o meu dinheiro portanto eu não tenho nada com isso. E porquê que a Joana critica tanto o estilo das outras pessoas?
    Cada um é como cada qual. E porquê que só aquilo que a Joana gosta é que é bom ou bonito? Não encare isto como um ataque, tente relaxar um pouquinho mais em relação à vida e estilo de vida dos outros.

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